Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Fastest Easiest Way to Sexy Abs

Wow! How could anyone pass that up. So, Sean and I are chillin at the coinless laundromat trying to avoid a random drunk guy when all of a sudden we see one of the greatest investment opportunities that we have ever come across. The Ab Circle Pro. We've never seen so many people smiling while working out. I could just picture myself swinging my pounds away and getting a wicked tan all at the same time. Then, they proclaimed that it was guaranteed to lose 10 pounds in two weeks. Obviously something like that wouldn't apply to Sean, but he just had to take it on as a personal challange to try to prove them wrong. Well, two weeks later, none of Sean's belts fit anymore and neither one of us have a tan... We're pretty much Ab Circle Pro Pros now, and leave an open invitation to anyone willing to challenge our record of reps per minute. With a solid 3 minutes a day work ethic, we're pretty sure no one will ever be able to touch us...At least not while still smiling. Because according to the included DVD, that is one of the requirements.