Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Killing our chicken....

A little backstory for you all, we got a few chickens from my sister DaNelle and we loved them. Then one died because it was picked on and bullied by the other chickens. So we went out and bought ourselves another one, her name was Barbara or Barb for short. They were both good laying chickens and we got eggs everyday. Then Sean's sister Hollie didn't want her three chickens that she had at her rental house so she gave them to us. All together we had a total of five chickens. The "original" two and then the pack of three that always stuck together. We had a butt load of eggs we had to start selling them which was fun. Then the Arizona summer hit and it was hot! They started to die like one a week it felt like. We were then down to two again, but I could tell they weren't doing so good with the heat. So we decided to give one to my sister DaNelle and kill the other one and eat it. Funny thing, we later found out that the one we gave to my sister died. I knew it wasn't doing well, poor chicken. I'm going to post a few videos we took of killing it. I don't think the videos show too much blood or anything just a poor chicken getting killed. So if you can't handle watching them it's ok I understand.
This first one is us cutting the throat. We watched a YouTube video so we were professionals. We got a milk carton and cut the botton off and stuck the chicken in head first so we had access to the throat and the wings were secure and wouldn't flap around too much. In the beginning Sean is holding it and I was going to cut and then I realized I didn't want to so we switched. Sean had a pocket knife and thought it was sharp enough but we figured out the hard way that it wasn't. That chicken skin is tough. So I had Sean go get the box cutter which worked a little better. It took a couple cuts to get the job done. Then I stood there and let the thing bleed out. FUN for me!
This next one is of me dipping it in hot water to help get the feathers off easier. It was really hot outside and when I dipped it it smelled really bad.
The last one is of me plucking the chicken clean. It was rough work! First of all it was hot from being in the water and those feathers are stuck good in that tough chicken skin. If you look closley you can see I have my tongue out, it takes a lot of concentration too I guess.
We didn't get a video of me cleaning it out which is probably best because that was probably the nastiest part EVER! I got really light headed and felt like I was going to faint. I think it was because I found the stomach or something and found grass and grain and bugs it just made it all real, UGH! I had a hard time with that part. After it was all cleaned and oiled up we stuck it in the oven. It started to smell really good in our house. An hour and a half later we were ready to have our chicken sandwiches. I cut it up and took a big bite of my sandwich and noticed I couldn't bite through the chicken it was SO tough. I was done after that one bite and gave the rest of my sanwich to Sean and let him have the rest on the bird as well.  
I'm glad I was able to have this experience and I hope I don't have to do it again for awhile. But if I ever have to, at least I can say I know what I'm doing!