Friday, August 13, 2010

Our House

So good news everyone we bought a house! Yeah it's pretty crazy walking into it and knowing that you own this huge place. Well it's not huge but it sure does feel like it is compared to the apartments we've been living in. So I kind of feel more like an adult now. I will show you a picture of the front of it for now because we are fixing up the inside so I eventually want to do before and afters.

So there it is. The jeep isn't ours(I wish) this was taken before the house was offically ours.

As you can see though we have a nice palm tree in our front yard so if anyone wants it they are free to come get it:)

More pictures to come....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Months of fun in a few pictures...

Here I am again about six months after my last post updating what we've been up to. I promise I will be better at posting. So I'm just going to post pictures with a caption and hopefully that will suffice.

So to start it off we were able to go to a Keith Urban concert way back when and it was a blast. I just love concerts, the loud music, drunk stupid people, everyone dancing and singing, the ringing in your ears when you leave! It's the best.

Me by the tour bus

Us together in our seats

I don't remember who opened for him
but it was this chick and she was really good

I thought the screens were pretty cool

Hello cutie:)

I found these pictures too but I'm not sure when we went all I know is that it was cold and windy. We asked my dad if he wanted to go shooting with us and of course he said sure!

Sean taking aim...

Dad taking it very serious

Like I said it was cold and windy. And I have it tight
around my face to keep my hair out of my face. Don't judge!

The shotgun

Setting off the pigeon

I'll end with one last picture from our one year anniversary that we celebrated at The Melting Pot...I think we should make that a tradition to go there every year for our anniversary. We'll see what Sean has to say about that.

Until next time...