Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Rundown

So we haven't posted anything in ages, so here's a rundown of the last few months. Sean started school at ASU and has been too busy with homework and whatnot. Becky has been killing scorpions and taking care of everything around the apartment.

We had a successful halloween. We made our own costumes and dressed up as Woody and Lil bo Peep from Toy Story. We are now the two time "Larson family best costume" champions! We enjoyed going to Ginger and Steven's and having amazing home made doughnuts, followed up by a scary movie over at Kevin and DaNelle's.

Next was Thanksgiving. We enjoyed two delicious meals at our respective families, and went to sleep around 7:00 pm. Why? Because we woke up at 3:00 the next morning to initiate our "Black Friday" experience. We scored a bunch of great Christmas gifts for ourselves and even squeezed in some orders for family members not willing to brave Mesa's finest that early in the morning. We've never seen so many people crammed inside of a Wal Mart. The BO and bad morning breath was almost overwhelming...

In the middle of all that, we've also moved....again. We looked around for a while and found a cool little complex in Gilbert and signed a holding reservation slip and made our first payment and prepared to move the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Everything seemed to be running smoothly until we were signing to get our keys and found out that they leased out our apartment to someone else. To make a long story short, because of their mistake and the riot our families almost started in trying to defend us, we our now living in a nice, 2 bedroom apartment for the price of a one bedroom apartment. Boo yah! Huge thanks to our family and friends for their strength and scare tactics in helping us with the move. We've almost got everything unpacked. One of the first things we did was set up our Christmas tree that we got for super cheap on Black Friday. We're so excited to spend our first Christmas together as a happily married couple! We're starting our own traditions and doing things our way.
Hope everyone has a Happy Christmas.


Heather said...

What!!?!?! News a blog entry! I hardly know what to do with it. HAHAHA
Okay, so I really do love the halloween costumes. Summit probably would have gone crazy if he saw you in person. He loves Toy Story. I have to admit though he loves Buzz a lot better than Woody. Also, I love the tree.

Jessica said...

So cool! Way to show those apartment people who's boss. Tyler and I went black friday shopping too and it was pretty crazy. We wanted basically ALL of the $2 movies so we bought even the rated-R ones. But don't worry, we HAVE to be righteous up here at BYUI or else they banish you from the campus and if you ever step foot back on, they have to burn the floor you walked on and re-dedicate it and you have to wear a red "A" from then on. So to prevent that, we got a clearplay. I don't know why I'm telling you all of this.
Miss you sis!

DaNelle said...

BO AND bad breath? Are you sure you aren't talking about our thanksgiving?