Saturday, June 11, 2011

Post# 2

So last week we had the Larson FHE at our house. Lots of family, lots of fun and lots of noise. Later in the week, Becky had another doctor's appointment. Everything is looking great and Becky is feeling well. Sean survived his second week of summer school and is wishing he was already finished. The garden is still producing and our chickens are as healthy as ever.

We did have one major hiccup with our roofing company. They mailed us a check and a letter letting us know that they have cancelled our service. So, Sean made some nasty phone calls and starting sorting things out. Apparently there have been several misunderstandings and miscommunications going on in their office. Hopefully everything will be set back into place early next week and we can have our roof redone sometime this year. We'll keep you posted.

Also, Becky's been super buys doing all kinds of stuff around the house. She's been baking zucchini bread and cookies and all kinds of stuff. She even finished painting the baby's room. And of course, it looks awesome.

Other than that, we're looking forward to Father's day coming up. We've got our gifts already and can't wait until next Sunday to celebrate with our Dads.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The weekend update with Sean & Becky

So we are going to try something new. We are going to try to put a new post up every weekend. We are not going to try to be witty or funny or anything we are just going to spit it up on the screen.

Post #1
Becky just quit work this week and is loving her new life as being a homemaker. She is now 30 weeks along and doing great. We are both getting anxious to see our but little baby. So much so we went and bought a stroller and car seat. Whoa! It's one of those awesome ones with only one bike wheel in front, I think it is called a jogger stroller. We'll see if I actually end up jogging with it. We are getting his room put together, we are going to go buy the paint so look for that update soon.

Sean just started summer school at ASU taking a mechanical engineering class. He is loving it and wishing that all his classes were only seven weeks long. The professor actually specializes in windmill energy, and might help Sean get a spot doing research and help him gain experience in that field. In his spare time Sean has been tending to the garden. We are now eating fresh tomatoes, zucchini and carrots.

In other news our chickens are doing ok. We named them Lucy and Barbara. Lucy is the only one laying eggs right now but she seems to be taking days off here and there. Barb is the younger one and loves when we come outside to give her out table scrapes.

That's it for now, we will see you in a week....