Friday, May 1, 2009


So right now Sean and I live in a two bedroom apartment in Mesa just a few blocks away from the temple. So convenient. But it can get scary sometimes just because it's Mesa, good thing I have a strong husband that has a knife under the bed.

There are a few things about the apartment that I don't like. For example it doesn't have a washer and dryer so we GET to go to the laudry mat and meet interesting people, which is another post. It doesn't have a dish washer or a garbage disposal, WTF? Most of the ceiling fans make noise when they are on, like it's going to fly off the ceiling and chop us up. The best is that the hot water runs out in about ten minutes, but you can make is last if you take a warm/cold shower. I can never wash my hair and shave my legs all in one shower, I have to pick one. Other then those small things it's not a bad apartment. Too bad we are moving.
Yep we are a moving it's kind of a complicated situation but we are moving to my sisters, in-laws basement apartment in July. Sean and I are really excited because they have a pool and we can use it whenever we want. Nice tan body here we come...HAHA! But right now DaNelle and Kevin are living in it until there house is ready to move into. So for those two months we are moving to Sean's brothers apartment while him and his family move to Baltimore for the summer. It also has a pool and all we have to pay is utilities which is going to save us a ton. Sweet!
Oh the joy of moving and trying to save as much money as we possibly can.


DaNelle & Kevin said...

eee, hairy legs or greasy hair. You can use all the Wolford's hot water and let them have the hairy legs and greasy hair.