Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New car

So we've been shopping for a new car and here it is. It's a Toyota Rav4. I always thought I would get a white car because my mom likes white but look at me getting a Light Green car, and I love it.

There is a story of the whole ordeal are you ready for it? We were trading in the old car for the new one. And we wanted a certain price for the old one. They told us they would only give us $500 dollars, haha...yeah right! We told them we wanted more. So the manager said "I'll see what I can do." That's what they all say, right? He came back and told us he could give us $2000. That was good but not good enough for me:) I told this Manager man that I was pretty sure I could sell it for more. He looked at me shocked. We told them we would have to sell my car and then come back and buy the new one. So we left.....

THEN they called us, and asked what they could do to have us say yes and buy it today (which was monday). I told them straight up I wanted more money for my car. They said ok how about $2450. I said SOLD, we will be down in ten minutes.

I cleaned out my old car. Got in to drive it down. Turned the key and.....Click, click, click. What the? I tried it, click, click. Stupid car! After a few phone calls we figured it was the battery. We were so dang close to getting rid of it without putting money into it and then this happens. Yipee!

So I take Sean to work, then I'm off to buy a battery. $80 later, I put it in all by myself. I was SO proud of myself after I got done. Brought it down to the dealership and got rid of it before anything else could break on it. And here we are today with my new car and room for kids....someday!